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Payment Center

Expert Notary Services accepts Cash, Credit/Debit cards, Company checks. You can also utilize PayPal, a convenient way to securely submit your payment.
All payments using PayPal will carry an additional flat fee rate of $ 5.00/transaction.

When it comes to making payments online, there's no bigger name in the world than PayPal.

With 24/7 fraud detection monitoring, PayPal alerts you if suspicious activity is detected whether you are making online payments, sending money online, or transferring money to your bank account.

If you do not have PayPal already, you can
access their site and set up your personal or business account in just minutes; then you can use it to submit your payment below. Expert Notary Services will be immediately notified of your payment. Expert Notary Services never stores your information; PayPal provides all of the secure payment processing and handling.

If you want to send the payment directly from your
PayPal account, please use the following email address:
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  All payments secured by PayPal. Information is protected by SSL (with the highest encryption level commercially available).

Thank you for your business and payment!

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